Arrangements for every occasion

Shared dining

Aboard The Boat Bar, enjoy a delicious shared dinner (2 or 3 courses). Shared dining is the way to have a fun dinner with your group. The cooks prepare different dishes that you share together. There is plenty to taste!

Burger Menu

A burger at The Boat Bar is always good! Everyone can create their own burger (beef, chicken or vegan) with a variety of toppings. There's flatbread with dips beforehand and a delicious dessert to finish with.

Lunch Board

Join your group for a delicious lunch plate at The Boat Bar. A tasting of cold and hot lunch dishes to share together. Vegetarian options as well!


Drinks in the bar or on the terrace always enjoyable. The atmosphere creates a relaxed feeling. The appetizers are good and made with care. The drinks package includes unlimited drinks (Dutch bar) and hot and cold appetizers.

High cocktail

Enjoy a delicious cocktail tasting together. The cocktails and appetizers will be served in a cool cocktail tree. This arrangement is guaranteed to be a success!

High beer

The beer tasting is a perfect arrangement for groups of friends. Taste the tastiest Rotterdam beers combined with savory snacks.

Cruise with dinner

Sail and dine, an intimate get-together with your party. The ship's chefs prepare a varied and delectable 3-course dinner. Will you choose the standard or deluxe menu? Plenty of choice!

BBQ Boat

Step aboard with your group for a pleasant cruise along the skyline and through the ports of Rotterdam. Enjoy the beautiful view and a delicious barbecue with meat, chicken, fish, salads, bread and dips.

Drinks Boat

Sailing and drinks is the ideal combination! The captain welcomes you and sets sail to the ports. You will see the most beautiful spots of Rotterdam. Meanwhile, unlimited drinks (Dutch bar) and delicious appetizers will be served.

Tapas Boat

On Rotterdam's Maas, enjoy a delicious Spanish tapas tasting! Settle down on the outside deck or take a seat in the saloon. Highly recommended for any group!

Unlimited BBQ

We light the barbecue on the terrace of the Midget Golf Course! Meat, chicken and fish will be prepared for you on the Green Egg, as well as French bread with herb butter, salads, vegetables and of course different sauces. There is something for everyone! The BBQ package includes unlimited drinks (Dutch bar).

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